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I enjoy balancing the needs of business leaders and subject matter experts with end users. Because of this, I try to approach creative problems from multiple angles, working towards a solution that satisfies the needs of all. I have found that by observing and combining distinct points of view solutions often evolve as they gain momentum. Successfully navigating an assignment requires mental flexibility, consensus building, and exploration –all of which keep my job fresh and engaging.

In practical terms, my work begins as strategies and insights which then drive the development of creative deliverables like scenic and environmental designs, digital experiential installations, mobile interactives, and media pieces. I am as apt to work with a graphic designer as a builder or lighting designer and I continue to be inspired by breakout talent in all of these fields. Core to my approach, I work to stay connected to the latest design methodologies and advancing technologies while focusing on creative that delivers value for all.


Integrated Campaigns
Digital Experiential
Pitches & RFP Responses
Public Speaking
Technical Writing
2D Design & Layout
3D Design
Motion Graphics
User Experience Design
Working With Clients
Working with Creative Teams
Working with Software Developers
Working with fabricators & tradespersons

Mailing address: 1488 W. 153rd St.Gardena, CA 90247-3307