Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Learning Stations

The Toyota Mirai is Toyota’s first production vehicle to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. This project was aimed at educating consumers about the benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. These properties travelled throughout the United States before being displayed in Toyota’s museum in Tokyo, Japan. I was the Creative Director for all digital experiential aspects of the program, including media, user experience, information architecture, and interface design. I also oversaw all aspects of the Unity and Arduino functionality, as it applied to the overall look and feel. These properties were developed to support multiple languages and featured completely custom integrations of physical and digital technology.

ClientToyotaRoleCreative DirectionAgencySpinifex


User Interface: Element Mixing Station:

User Interface: Fuel Stack Station:

User Interface: Fueling Station:

User Interface: Range Station:

User Interface: Safety Station:

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